Worker-centred white label corporate app

Service module (WOSC)

The “Service” module of the App will enable advanced service analytics, procurement/suppliers management, individual and group notifications, service inquiry management, etc.

100% digitization and operational control of the Worker Services Centers (WOSC)

Industry 5.0 Solutions

Employee engagement

The «Employee engagement» module of the App allows workers to customize their own profiles, read corporate news, share their feedback via surveys, participate in individual and collective contests, earn badges, virtual coins, and prizes.

+60% employee engagement boost and productivity improvement due to gamification system implementation

Health & Safety

The «Health & Safety» module of the App digitizes the whole system of incidents/observations management and allows reports customization, analytics, and multi-channel alerts.

+50% boost in the number of observations, and the overall safety culture improvement

Learning & Development

The «L&D» module of the App enables modern learning management system capabilities with its own catalog of custom courses and required trainings, progress analytics, exams, and individual learning tracks.

+40% improvement in learning engagement


The “HR Desk” module will allow the digitization of such processes as new worker onboarding, familiarization with the mandatory documents, inquiries management and workflow, etc.

+62% onboarding productivity and overall improvement of employee experience (EX)


The «AI-assistant» module – is the smart chat-bot that can sit on top of your corporate knowledge base (an analog of corporate chat GPT) and help your workers to find any required information about the organization or its processes.

76% of employee inquiries/questions could be addressed through AI-assistant (chat-bot)

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Industry 5.0 Solutions

Worker-centered white label corporate app (OMIR)

Designed specifically for industrial organizations, Omir App is a user-friendly enterprise platform, that might become your organization’s core tool for internal communications, worker engagement, health & safety, learning & development, data-driven insights and workflow automation.

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