Worker services center (wosc) operations

Inventory distribution

Worker Services Center - is a nicely designed and professional “internal store” right at your facility where workers could be provided with a wide range of necessary inventories - from PPE, clothes and boots, to tools and other supplies.

100% compliance with inventory distribution requirements

Industry 5.0 Solutions

Warehouse management

Worker Services Centers are equipped with their own warehouses, managed by our professional team, ensuring full transparency, order, and control.

0 days lead time - every inventory you need is in stock at your facility

Inventory tracking

Individual inventory marking, workflow and documents management, proprietary inventory management software that can be synchronized with customer’s ERP system.

100% transparency and traceability, elimination of “grey areas”

Compliance Control

Special compliance procedures and Omir app’s capabilities will allow you to see the individual history of transactions, create an online inventory catalog, run automated compliance checks, initiate service and inventory quality surveys.

100% compliance with regulatory requirements and corporate standards


The following services are available for workers at the Worker Services Centers: professional alteration and clothes repairment, dry cleaning, seasonal storage and disposal of PPE, boots, and clothes, and more.

4.84/5 a wide range of add-on services - high level of worker satisfaction


The ecosystem of our reliable partners will provide you with timely delivered high-quality PPE, safety clothes, boots, and other required inventory.

$0 of «locked funds» in inventory - we offer a Pay-per-use model

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Industry 5.0 Solutions

worker services centers (wosc)

A fundamentally new approach of serving the needs of your workers and lifting non-core operational workload from the Procurement / HSE / HR departments, while enabling “zero days” lead times and elevating internal services and employee experience to the next level.

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